BP&IF Board elections

Full BPIF membership is required to take part in the elections. For those who have not yet registered as full members of the BPIF section, please do so and then vote.

The mandate of three members of the BP&IF Board (see the Board’s composition here) is ending next year and, according to the section’s statutes, elections must be organized. They will take place in February 2020. As the chairperson will step down, the new BP&IF board will then choose a new chair.

The elections will be conducted by the committee consisting of three former members of the BPIF Board: V. Tikhonchuk (France), J. Honrubia (Spain) and J. Meyer-ter-Vehn (Germany).

The committee is now calling for nomination of candidates for the open three positions in the Board. Any person working in the field is allowed to nominate anybody. Self-nominations are allowed. To nominate, please go to the Google form 6hPT3sgYJrMaNLXL6. Deadline for nominations: 15 January 2020.

For nomination to be accepted and for voting, the nominated individual and all voters have to be a member of the European Physical Society or one of the national societies affiliated with the EPS. In order to validate the nomination and the vote we ask all nominators and voters to certify explicitly their membership.

We strongly encourage to distribute this call to colleagues of your institute/department to ensure the large participation of the BPIF community in this call.

Results of the elections will be announced in March 2020. The newly elected board will convene in the next EPS/PPD Conference in Sitges, Spain, June 22 – 26, 2020.

M. Fajardo, BPIF chairperson
V. Tikhonchuk, President of the election committee