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  • 2016 prizes and awards announced
    • The 2016 Hannes Alfvén Prize is awarded to Sergei Bulanov (National Institute for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology, Japan, and A.M. Prokhorov Institute of General Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia) and Hartmut Zohm (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Germany) “for their experimental and theoretical contributions to the development of large-scale next-step devices in high-temperature plasma physics research”.
    • The 2016 EPS Plasma Physics Innovation Prize is awarded to Klaus-Dieter Weltmann and Thomas von Woedtke (Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology, Germany) “for their pioneering work in the field of plasma medicine”.
    • The 2016 EPS Plasma Physics Division PhD Research Award goes to Bastien Bruneau (LPICM, FR) for his PhD thesis on the “control of radio frequency capacitively coupled plasma asymmetries using Tailored Voltage Waveforms”, Arnaud Colaitis (CELIA, FR) for his PhD thesis on a “multiscale description of the Laser-Plasma Interaction, application to the physics of shock ignition in Inertial Confinement Fusion” and Natasha Jeffrey (U. Glasgow, UK) for her PhD thesis on the “spatial, spectral and polarization properties of solar flare X-ray sources”.
    • The 2016 Edouard Fabre Prize is awarded to Jérôme Faure (LOA, FR) for “his remarkable experimental works in developing laser-plasma accelerators, demonstrating the possibility by interacting intense laser pulses with a gas target to accelerate electrons in extremely short distances and to produce high quality electron beam”.
    • The 2016 APS-EPS Landau-Spitzer award is awarded to John Berkery (Columbia University, USA), Steven Sabbagh (Columbia University, USA), Yueqiang Liu (CCFE, United Kingdom) and Holger Reimerdes (EPFL, Switzerland) “for seminal joint research providing key understanding and quantitative verification of global mode stability in experimental high performance tokamak plasmas, based on drift-kinetic MHD theory, and made possible by strong and essential partnership between Europe and the USA.
      More information of the award recipients on the APS website.


    • The 2016 Itoh Project Prize is awarded to:
      • Anna Medvedeva (IPP, CEA/IRFM, IJL & TU Munich) “Density profile and turbulence evolution during L-H transitions studied with the ultra-fast swept reflectometer on ASDEX Upgrade”.
        Two other students were highly commended: S. Thrysøe (DTU) “Gas puff fuelling simulation with a combined neutral/HESEL model” and A. Lebschy (IPP, TU Munich) “Measurement of the ExB velocity across the LOC-SOC transition”.
    • The 2016 PPCF/EPS/IUPAP poster prizes are awarded to:
      • Arkaprava Bokshi (York University) “The self-consistent response of linear micro-instabilities to profile evolution”
      • Mark Coughlan (QUB) “Ultrafast dynamics of crystals irradiated by few-ps proton pulses”
      • Cristian Sommariva (CEA/IRFM) “Modeling runaway electron dynamics in realistic fields from 3D non-linear MHD disruption simulations”
      • Hannah Willett (York University) “The role of plasma instabilities in the onset of detachment in the York Linear Plasma Device”

  • Mentoring scheme for Women in Physics launched: for more information, click here.

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Objectives of the Plasma Physics Division

      • to unite European scientists interested in the physics of fully and partially ionized gases
      • to promote research and teaching in plasma physics and its applications, to facilitate research collaboration and to represent European physicists outside Europe
      • to coordinate activities with the other physical societies, such as the American Physical Society and the Physical Society of Japan
      • to collaborate on the Editorial Board of Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion.

The Plasma Physics Division is responsible for the annual EPS Conference on Plasma Physics and for granting several Awards.

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