Europe-Asia Pacific Award

The PPCF Dendy Europe-Asia Pacific Award is awarded by IOP Publishing in recognition and appreciation of the contributions of Professor Richard Dendy, both to plasma physics and as Editor-in-Chief of PPCF since 2005. The annual award consists of £2,000, together with framed certificates and one free Open Access credit for use in PPCF for the collaboration which has made outstanding contributions to research in plasma physics. At least one researcher in the collaboration must be based in Europe and another researcher based in the Asia-Pacific region. The areas of plasma physics covered by the prize include, but are not limited to: fundamental plasma physics, fusion plasmas, astrophysical and space plasmas, low temperature plasmas, and high energy density plasmas.

2020Dr Joao Santos, CELIA, University of Bordeaux (FR)
Dr Shinsuke Fujioka, ILE, Osaka University (JP)

The intercontinental collaboration is recognized for its outstanding achievements in significantly magnetising the inner region of a coil by the generation of a strong (kilotesla) laser-driven magnetic field. The employment of capacitor-coil targets, driven by a high energy laser pulse, constitutes a pioneering step towards a new testbed for a broad range of laboratory applications. These span the fields of laser-driven inertial confinement fusion, laboratory astrophysics, high energy density laboratory plasmas, and laser-based particle acceleration.
2019Dr Michel Koenig, LULI, Ecole Polytechnique (FR)
Dr Norimasa Ozaki, ILE, Osaka University (JP)
Dr Yasuhiro Kuramitsu, NCU (TW) & Osaka University (JP)

The collaboration actively influenced the plasma physics community both by their innovative experimental techniques and the direct applications to planetary science, material science, and laboratory astrophysics. They demonstrated how high pulsed power lasers can contribute actively to scientific challenges in inertial confinement fusion and astrophysics by their interdisciplinary studies.
2018Dr Hajime Urano, QST (JP)
Dr Costanza Maggi, CCFE (UK)
Prof. Ohjin Kwon, Daegu University (KR)
Dr Samuli Saarelma, CCFE (UK)

The collaboration between the nominees has expanded the understanding of pedestal physics in tokamak plasmas through multi-machine comparison experiments and theoretical analysis. The physical phenomena addressed include: plasma shaping effects; neutral particles; global plasma beta; toroidal magnetic field ripple; and edge rotation. The work has led to more accurate models for predicting pedestal properties in the future ITER and DEMO experiments.