Welcome to the web site of the Beam Plasma & Inertial Fusion (BP&IF) section of the Plasma Physics Division of the European Physical Society (EPS).

The section provides a forum for physicists working on plasma physics with high energy high power beams. The focus is on theoretical, numerical and experimental investigation of:

  • laser and particle beam interaction with plasmas,
  • hydrodynamics and instabilities in laser plasmas,
  • high-energy-density plasmas,
  • inertial confinement fusion,
  • laser- and plasma-based radiation and particle sources,
  • ultra-intense laser interaction,
  • high-field physics.

Elections for the Board of the EPS-DPP BP&IF section

According to the BPIF statutes, three BPIF Board members have to be replaced this year: C. Riconda, R. Scott and L. Volpe (see composition of the current Board here).

Vote before 31 March 2023 here!

For voting, you have to be a member of the European Physical Society or one of the national societies affiliated with the EPS. As the BPIF Board doesn’t maintain a mailing list for its members, you will be asked to certify explicitly that you are a member of EPS/PPD or National Societies affiliated to EPS. You are also encouraged to distribute this call to colleagues of your institute/department to ensure the participation of the BPIF community in this call.

The candidates are (per alphabetic order):

  • Brian Appelbe, Imperial College London (UK)
  • Alexis Casner, CEA/CESTA (France)
  • Evgeny Gelfer, ELI ERIC (Czechia)
  • Piotr Raczka, IPPLM (Poland)
  • Francisco Suzuki-Vidal, First Light Fusion Ltd (UK)
  • Luca Volpe, UPM, Spain

All the CVs are available here.

Results of the elections will be announced in May and the newly elected board will convene in Bordeaux during the EPS/PPD Conference.

The 2023 Direct Drive and Fast Ignition Workshop is now open for registration. This will be held at Trinity College, Oxford, UK. The main workshop will be held from Wednesday the 3rd – Friday the 5th of May. An LPI workshop will precede this on Tuesday the 2nd.

Please register here by the 17th of March. Details of the website for payment etc will be made available in the coming weeks.

The EPS condemns the continuing attacks by the Russian Federation against Ukraine.. Read the statement.Petition “Open letter from European scientists against the war with Ukraine” here.