Welcome to the web site of the Beam Plasma & Inertial Fusion (BP&IF) section of the Plasma Physics Division of the European Physical Society (EPS).

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The section provides a forum for physicists working on plasma physics with high energy high power beams. The focus is on theoretical, numerical and experimental investigation of:

  • laser and particle beam interaction with plasmas,
  • hydrodynamics and instabilities in laser plasmas,
  • high-energy-density plasmas,
  • inertial confinement fusion,
  • laser- and plasma-based radiation and particle sources,
  • ultra-intense laser interaction,
  • high-field physics.

Elections for the Board of the EPS-DPP BP&IF section
The Beam Plasma & Inertial Fusion (BP&IF) section represents researchers and coordinates activities on High Energy Density and High Field physics in Europe. This is a broad subject extending from laser-plasma interaction, particle acceleration, to properties of matter at high densities and pressures and energy production from fusion reactions with high energy laser and particle beams. It is a part of Plasma Physics Division (PPD) of European Physical Society (EPS).
The activities of the section and its board concern preparation and conduction of the annual European Plasma Physics conferences, coordination of various topical conferences and workshops across the Europe and in collaboration with Asian and American Physical Societies and laboratories, promotion of collaboration research between the partners and nomination for prizes.

The mandate of three members of the BP&IF Board ended this year and, according to the section’s statutes, elections were organized. They were conducted by an Election Committee consisting of three former members of the BPIF Board: V. Tikhonchuk (France), J. Honrubia (Spain) and J. Meyer-ter-Vehn (Germany). Ten candidates were nominated by the Plasma Physics community and approved by the Committee.
Once the voting bulletins validated, are elected:

  • Fabrizio Consoli, ENEA (Italy),
  • Laurent Gremillet, CEA/DIF (France),
  • Malte Kaluza, Institute of Optics and Quantum Electronics, Friedrich-Schiller-University (Germany).

Congratulations to them.

More details here. See the Board’s composition here.

The newly elected board will convene in the next EPS/PPD Conference in Sitges, Spain, June 22 – 26, 2020.

The BPIF PPCF/EPS/IUPAP Student Poster Prize was awarded at the end of the 2018 EPS DPP conference to Petr Valenta (ELI-Beamlines) for a poster entitled “On high-quality electron beam generated by breaking wake wave in near-critical density plasmas”.

The second edition of the European Conference on Plasma Diagnostics (ECPD) was held in Bordeaux in April 2017. Best student posters were awarded to Michael Ehret (TU Darmstadt & U. Bordeaux) for “Proton probing of coil targets driven by ns or ps laser pulses” and to Xiaoyi Yang (Peking U.) for “Experimental test of the reconstruction method of the aser-driven ion-beam trace probe”. The 3rd edition will take in Lisbon (Portugal) from the 6th to the 10th of May, 2019; More information here.

The 2nd workshop of the COST action MP1208 on “Secondary sources of particles and radiation, Materials” was held in Belgrade in April 2016. More.

The 2017 Edouard Fabre prize, supported by the COST action MP1208, has been awarded at the Saint Malo IFSA2017 conference to Félicie Albert (LLNL) for “for her researches on the generation of novel sources of electrons, x-rays and gamma-rays through laser-plasma interaction, laser wakefield acceleration, and Compton scattering” and to Alexis Casner (CELIA) for “for his experimental studies on the highly nonlinear stage of the ablative Rayleigh Taylor instability in ICF targets and for his activity on laboratory turbulent plasmas in high-energy density conditions relevant for astrophysics”.

The 2016 Edouard Fabre prize, supported by the COST action MP1208, was awarded to Jérôme Faure (LOA) at the Leuven EPS Plasma Physics conference for “his remarkable experimental works in developing laser-plasma accelerators, demonstrating the possibility by interacting intense laser pulses with a gas target to accelerate electrons in extremely short distances and to produce high quality electron beam”. More.

The 2015 Edouard Fabre prize, supported by the COST action MP1208, was awarded to Pierre Michel (LLNL) at the Lisbon EPS Plasma Physics conference. More.