Kyushu University Itoh Project Prize

Previous winners of the Kyushu University Itoh Project Prize

  • 2017: Matteo Fontana (EPFL, Switzerland) – Turbulence measurements with the correlation electron cyclotron emission (CECE) diagnostic in TCV
    Two other students were highly commended: Nicola Bonanomi (Università di Milano-Bicocca & JET) for “Role of small-scale tubulence and multi-scale interactions in electron heat transport in JET” and Alsu Sladkomedova (Ioffe Institute) for “Impurity transport studies on the Globus-M tokamak”.
  • 2016: Anna Medvedeva (IPP, CEA/IRFM, IJL & TU Munich) – Density profile and turbulence evolution during L-H transitions studied with the ultra-fast swept reflectometer on ASDEX Upgrade
    Two other students were highly commended: S. Thrysøe (DTU) for “Gas puff fuelling simulation with a combined neutral/HESEL model” and A. Lebschy (IPP, TU Munich) for “Measurement of the ExB velocity across the LOC-SOC transition”.
  • 2015: Bernhard Schmid (U. Stuttgart, Germany) – Investigation of the energy transfer to zonal flows at the stellarator TJ-K
    Two other students were highly commended: C. Norscini (CEA/IRFM, France) for “Pedestal formation and turbulence self-organization at the separatrix between open and closed field lines” and M. Cavedon (IPP, Germany) for ” Study of the edge radial electric field during the L-H transition at ASDEX Upgrade”.
  • 2014: Zhouji Huang (EPFL, Switzerland) – Investigation of plasma turbulence and geodesic acoustic modes using tangential phase-contrast imaging in the TCV tokamak
  • 2013: Farah Hariri (CEA/IRFM, France) – A flux-coordinate independent field-aligned approach to plasma turbulence simulations
  • 2012: Ilya Shesterikov (Ecole Royale Militaire, Belgium) – The experimental investigation on the role of E x B flow shear in tilting and breaking of turbulent eddies
  • 2011: Natalia Kosolapova (Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute & Université Henri Poincaré Nancy, France) – Numerical modelling of turbulence wave number spectra reconstruction using radial correlation reflectometry in Tore Supra and FT-2 tokamaks
  • 2010: Gregor Birkenmeier (Universität Stuttgart, Germany) – Experimental investigation of effects of the magnetic field geometry on turbulent transport
  • 2009: Tim Happel (CIEMAT, Spain) – Perpendicular plasma velocity and radial electric field profiles measured by Doppler reflectometry in the stellarator TJ-II
  • 2008: Stella Oldenbürger (Nancy University, France) – Investigation of cross-field transport in a linear magnetized plasma
  • 2007: Peter Manz (Universität Stuttgart, Germany) – Experimental estimation of nonlinear energy transfer in two-dimensional plasma turbulence
  • 2006: Paolo Angelino (EPFL, Switzerland) – Plasma elongation and magnetic shear effects in nonlinear simulations of ITG-zonal flow turbulence
  • 2005: Oliver Schmitz (IPP Jülich, Germany) – Impact of the dynamic ergodic divertor on the structure of the plasma edge at TEXTOR