BP&IF statutes

Article 1 – Scope

The Beam Plasma and Inertial Fusion Section (BP&IF) of the Plasma Physics Division (PPD) of the European Physical Society (EPS) represents and provides a forum for physicists interested in this field of plasma physics.


Article 2 – Tasks

  • To promote support and co-ordination of research activities;
  • To facilitate contacts with and between its members, in particular through the organisation and co-ordination of meetings, workshops, schools, etc.;
  • To help in the training of young researchers and in the development of their abilities in ways which may facilitate their future professional life;
  • To cooperate with other sections within and outside the PPD of EPS;
  • To offer expertise and advice to other bodies of EPS as well as other European institutions in the field of Beam Plasma and Inertial Fusion physics;
  • To promote the public understanding and appreciation as well as the industrial applications of Beam Plasma and Inertial Fusion physics
  • To take part in the annual selection of the Hannes-Alfven-Prize winner and to contribute to its funding.

Article 3 – Membership

Membership of the section is open to individual physicists, groups and laboratories, who define their interest in agreement with Articles 1 and 2 of these statutes and who are members of EPS. Members of EPS are accepted upon personal application; non-members of EPS may participate in the scientific activities of the Section, about which they will receive information upon request.


Article 4 – Structure

The Board, in accordance with the Constitution and By-laws of EPS, its General Statutes concerning Divisions, and the Statutes of the Plasma Physics Division, carries out the business of the Section.


Article 5 – Board

The Board of the Section is composed of six elected members and, possibly, of additional members (no more than three) co-opted by the other members of the Board. The normal term of election or co-option is 4 years (though shorter-term co-options are possible). The board from among its members elects the Chairperson and the Secretary. No one will normally serve on the Board for more than two successive terms. The chairperson of the PPD is ex officio a co-opted Board member of the BP&IF section; the chairperson of the section is an ex-officio member of the PPD Board.


Article 6 – Elections

Elections to replace three elected Board members will be held every two years, either by e-mail vote or during a general assembly of the Section. The first elections are organized in 2002 to elect 6 Board members. Only section members, who are also EPS members, are electors and can be nominated as candidates by the Board or by Individual Members. In preparing the list of nominees, the Board takes care that more candidates than free posts are nominated. The composition of the Board should reflect the different European countries engaged in the field of the Section. Each member can vote for three (six in 2002) nominees, but not for two from the same country.


Article 7 – Conferences

The Section organizes conferences and workshops in the field of Beam Plasma & Inertial Fusion physics. Whenever practical, it will do this as integral part or as satellite meeting of the General Conference on Plasma Physics.


Article 8 – General Assemby

A General Assembly of the Section will be regularly held, preferably during the General Conference of the Plasma Physics Division. The Chairperson will provide a written report on the activities of the Section for the annual report of the Division and for the summary report for the General Conference of the Division.


Article 9 – Revision of Statutes

Subject to approval of the Board of the PPD, these statutes may be revised by a 2/3 majority of the Section Board.