BP&IF Board

According to the BPIF statutes, five BPIF Board members have to be replaced this year: D. Batani, P. Raczka, A. Schiavi, V. Bychenko and D. Margarone (see composition of the 2015 Board below).

Vote before 28 February 2018 here!

The 2018 elections are conducted by a committee consisting of former members of the BPIF Board: L. Gizzi (Italy), J. Honrubia (Spain), J. Meyer-ter-Vehn (Germany) and V. Tikhonchuk (France).

For voting, you have to be a member of the European Physical Society or one of the national societies affiliated with the EPS. As the BPIF Board doesn’t maintain a mailing list for its members, you will be asked to certify explicitly that you are a member of EPS/PPD or National Societies affiliated to EPS. You are also encouraged to distribute this call to colleagues of your institute/department to ensure the participation of the BPIF community in this call.

The current candidates are:

  • Gabriele Cristoforetti, CNR Pisa (Italy) – CV
  • Caterina Riconda, LULI (France) – CV
  • Andrey Savel’ev, Lomonosov Moscow State Univ., Russia – CV
  • Angelo Schiavi, Sapienza Rome Univ., Italy
  • Robbie Scott, STFC/CLF, UK – CV
  • Luca Volpe, CLPU, Spain – CV

The list will only be definite after the 15th of January, 2018.

Results of the elections will be announced in May and the newly elected board will convene in Prague during the EPS/PPD Conference.

Following the 2015 elections, the composition of the Board is the following:


Prof. Marta Fajardo
Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear, Instituto Superior Técnico
Av. Rovisco Pais, 1 Lisboa, Portugal

Board members

  • Marta Fajardo (elected; up to March 2020)
  • Joao Santos (elected; up to March 2020)
  • Markus Roth (elected; up to March 2020)
  • Dimitri Batani (elected; up to March 2017)
  • Piotr Raczka (elected; up to March 2017)
  • Angelo Schiavi (elected; up to March 2017)
  • Valery Bychenko (co-opted; up to March 2017)
  • Daniele Margarone (co-opted; up to March 2017)
  • Stefano Atzeni (invited; ex-chair)
  • Leo Gizzi (invited; ex-chair)
  • Javier Honrubia (invited; EPS PPD)
  • Sylvie Jacquemot (invited; EPS PPD)
  • Jürgen Meyer-ter-Vehn (invited; ex-chair)
  • Vladimir Tickhonchuk (invited; ex-chair)