Board elections

In accordance with the statutes of the Plasma Physics Division of EPS, Carlos Hidalgo will be succeeded by Sylvie Jacquemot who was elected by the EPS PPD Board at its recent meeting held in Madrid, on December 13th, 2011. Six members of the present Divisional Board will also have to be replaced, by a process of direct election by the full members of the European Physical Society. The representatives who will continue to serve are:

  1. Sylvie Jacquemot (chair)
  2. Richard Dendy (vice-chair)
  3. Dirk Van Eester
  4. Javier Honrubia
  5. Thomas Klinger
  6. Bertrand Lembege
  7. Leo A. Gizzi – ex officio BPIF
  8. Holger Kersten – ex officio LT

The EPS PPD board elections are organized as follows:

  1. Call for nominations: January 2012
  2. Nomination deadline: April 15
  3. Communication of candidates: May 15
  4. E-Mail vote process of members of the EPS PPD: deadline June 15
  5. Announcement of new EPS PPD Board: EPS/ICPP-2012 conference Stockholm

The duties of the EPS plasma physics board members are:

  1. To promote excellence in research by rewarding researchers who have achieved outstanding scientific or technological results.
  2. To coordinate activities with the other physical societies
  3. To regularly attend the Board Meetings (1 at the annual conference, 1 in November)
  4. To be Individual members of the EPS (in accordance with EPS rules)

Herewith we issue the call for nomination of appropriate candidates. The conditions for nomination are the following:

  1. The candidate understands the above conditions
  2. The institute agrees to support the (limited) travel expenses for the candidate
  3. The candidate agrees to stand for election

Nominations should be in by April 15. Nomination form