EPS Plasma Physics Division – Election to the Board

In accordance with the statutes of the Plasma Physics Division of the European Physical Society (EPS-PPD), there are six vacancies for incoming members of the Divisional Board. These will be filled by a process of direct election by the Individual Members of EPS, augmented by recent attendees at the Annual Conference organised by EPS-PPD.

The term of service will be four years from summer 2021 to summer 2025, renewable by mutual agreement for a second four-year term. The first meeting which newly elected Board members are expected to attend will take place in Sitges on Sunday 20th June 2021, if circumstances permit.

The continuing membership of the EPS-PPD Board 2020 to 2025 comprises:

  1. Richard Dendy (chair)
  2. Andrea Ciardi
  3. Kristel Crombé (Hon. Sec.)
  4. Andreas Dinklage
  5. Basil Duval
  6. Carlos Silva
  7. Vladimir Tikhonchuk
  8. Stefan Weber
  9. Luca Volpe – ex officio BPIF section
  10. Eva Kovacevic – ex officio LT section

The duties of Board members are:

  1. to promote scientific excellence in plasma physics by rewarding researchers who have achieved outstanding results, through the extensive portfolio of prizes administered by EPS-PPD,
  2. to sustain and coordinate the Annual Conference on plasma physics, through the formation of each year’s Programme Committee and through identifying and supporting the flow of conference venues,
  3. to attend, in person, each of the two annual Board Meetings: one at the Annual Conference, and one at a European research centre in November or December,
  4. to be (or, after election, become) an Individual Member of EPS; this typically requires a very modest fee, supplementary to membership of a national physical society.

The call for nominations, including self-nominations, of appropriate candidates, was closed in June 2020. The candidates are listed below per alphabetic order; their nomination forms can be read by clicking on their names. Note that all the candidates agree to serve if elected and understand the above objectives and conditions; in addition, their home institute agrees to support their travel expenses to all Board meetings.

The deadline for voting is November 6th. If you are allowed to vote (see above), the address for the electronic voting ballot is in your mailbox.