EPS BPIF Board elections

The Election Committee registered 10 valid applications for the 3 open positions within the BPIF Board. At the end of the voting process, 92 bulletins were received. Among them, the Election Committee validated 85 bulletins, 7 bulletins being invalidated due to double inconsistent votes.

The results of the validated votes are given in the graph below.

The largest number of votes went to L. Gremillet, M. Kaluza and S. Depierreux. However, the Board members elected in one given round cannot be from the same country. Consequently, the Election Committee announces the final results of the elections.

Laurent Gremillet (CEA/DIF, France), Malte Kaluza (IOQ, FSU Jena, Germany) and Fabrizio Consoli (ENEA Frascati, Italy) are elected.