2021 EPS Hannes Alfvén Prize

Long citation

Professor Sergei Igorevich Krasheninnikov has made vital contributions to an exceptionally broad range of aspects of a complex and multifaceted subfield of MCF plasma research: the physics of the scrape-off layer and divertor region. The processes that arise in this region at the very edge of the plasma link the hot core plasma to the solid material of the first wall. As design work in preparation for ITER has proven, these play a crucial role in the development of future magnetic fusion power plants. Studies of the scrape-off layer and divertor plasma physics are exceptionally complex, because of the many different interconnecting nonlinear processes that operate. These include classical and anomalous multicomponent plasma transport, atomic physics processes, plasma interactions with the first wall materials, and transport of plasma species in the lattice of these materials. Professor Krasheninnikov is widely acknowledged as a leading expert in this area of fusion research. His seminal ideas have helped build the foundations, and shaped the present understanding, of diverse aspects. These include the physics of “blobs”, divertor plasma detachment, the role of atomic physics processes, and the role of dust. His results on both atomic physics and dust are used well beyond magnetic fusion research. As a direct confirmation of the impact of Professor Krasheninnikov on the field, one may mention that the words “blobs” and “MAR”, which were coined by him to describe, respectively, coherent filamentary structures advected through the scrape-off layer and Molecular Assisted Recombination in divertor plasmas, are used in hundreds of magnetic fusion related papers worldwide.